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Author (Fiction) and Journalism
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Author of Tinseltoon an illustrated children's fantasy (original 1998 edition) 
- No.1 North East Regional Best-Seller (The Journal/Waterstone's)  See Youtube clip of TV interview here
Dec1998- January 1999 (Newcastle upon Tyne: Newcastle City Libraries, 1998).
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(Story about Tinseltoon from The Journal newspaper; review from Northern Review.)
See also photo of Tinseltoon launch with Sir Bobby Robson

Author of Graingertoon an illustrated children' fantasy (Newcastle upon Tyne: Tyne Bridge Publishing, 1999)
- Buy on Amazon  (Story about the book from The Journal; city council report on Graingertoon in schools)

Author of short stories, such as One-Four-Seven-One, which was published in The Journal newspaper
on New Year's Day, 2000.

Chris is a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain , the Royal Society of Literature,
the Society of Authors, and the British Association for Romantic Studies

As a freelance journalist, Chris has written a number of articles for national publications such as
the Times Literary Supplement, including:
                                                                              Shelley from Pisa (9th July 1999)
                                                                and        From Byron to Babbage: Ada Lovelace's
                                                                             Adventures in Mathematics (8th Oct. 1999)

Also for North East regional newspapers and magazines such as The Journal and the
Evening Chronicle. Some examples are:

An article for The Journal about the history of Newcastle's Tyne Theatre

A preview for The Journal of Arthur Miller's play The Crucible

An article for the Evening Chronicle about the Street Cries of Tyneside Newspaper Sellers.

An article for The Journal about the History of Income Tax

An article for The Journal's magazine The Northerner about his photographic exhibition Taking a Closer Look

TV Reviews for The Journal - Reviews from 1998
                                                   Reviews from 1999
                                                   Reviews from 2000

Also articles for The Northumbrian magazine, such as:  Northumberland - England's Best-Kept Secret
                                                                                               (Spring 1990)
                                                                                  and      The People's Theatre and Sir Charles Trevelyan
                                                                                               of Wallington Hall (Spring 1992)

Also articles on the arts for Northern Review, such as a preview of The Newcastle Comedy Festival (1995)

                                                                             and this piece on The Angel of the North  (April 1998)