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Academic Curriculum Vitae and Current Research
Academic Curriculum Vitae

PhD English Literature,  University of Newcastle uponTyne 2003
Thesis title: "The Influence of James Lind MD on the Scientific and Philosophical
                    Thought of Percy Bysshe Shelley"    
M.Litt. English Literature (with Merit) "Romanticism and the Sciences",
University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1999

BA (First Class Combined Honours, with Special Merits) English Literature (Major),
Cosmology & Philosophy (Minor), University of Newcastle upon Tyne 1998
Current Research - James Lind

I am writing a monograph about the life and works of James Lind (1736-1812)  
provisionally entitled The Real Doctor Frankenstein (see JRSM article on page 3).

Examples of "Lindian Ogham" - a cypher of Lind's own design:
Front Page, Pages 1 & 2, Pages 3 & 4, Pages 5 & 6, Pages 7 & 8

Research Highlights

2002  Publication of Chris's paper 'The Real Dr Frankenstein?' in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. See page 3 for details of the worldwide media response.

1999  Chris's discovery of unpublished letters by canonical Romantic poets Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, William Wordsworth, and Robert Southey. (See page 3)
Research Queries (James Lind) - Can you help?

Chris is trying to find any trace or likeness of a portrait of James Lind by the Irish artist John Keenan (fl. 1791-1815). This painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 1807, with the catalogue number 922. The artist's address at the time was   given as "opposite the theatre, Windsor".    

Any information would be most gratefully welcomed. (See e-mail address on page 1.)

Research spin-off!!

Lind becomes a cartoon!! Further to coverage of Chris's research in the Australian media (see below), Lind's association with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (along with a spurious link to the Edinburgh resurrectionist scene of the early 19th century) has featured as part of a story in the Australian super-hero comic-book series The Phantom in a story called The Grave Robbers.  
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